America’s Got Stress!

America’s Got Stress!

Stress is reaching almost epidemic proportions, causing low energy, depression, anxiety, addictions even disease. Businessman having stress
And yet it’s something that can be managed easier than people think.
According to statistics, 95% of all illness is created by stress.

But stress does NOT come from outside sources?
Stress does NOT come from things like:
· Stacks of unpaid bills
· Jobs we hate
· Messy relationships, or
· Pain-in-the-neck relatives.

It’s not the circumstances that cause stress….

It’s the RESPONSE to the circumstances that does the damage!

 When yostress_womanu understand how to manage stress differently, life becomes very different, and learning how to deal with stress is something everyone needs to know.

 In this fast-paced informative workshop you will first learn why we get stressed and why we react the way we react.  Until we can understand our responses we’ll keep falling back into our old way of being.

 You will also learn easy practical ways to deal with stress in a much more positive way, taking back the power of good health, renewed energy, creativity, productivity, and love for life.


 This Presentation will include, but is not limited to:

*  How to reduce stress in a busy world

*  Understand the difference between stress and depression

*  How stress affects your life

*  How to identify the stressors in your life

*  How stress affects people differently

*  Symptoms of stress

*  The positive aspects of stress (yes, there are some!)

*  Creating balance in home and work life

*  How to avoid stress?

*  Why stress is a family affair

*  Easy effective ways to reduce/relieve YOUR stress

*  10 main keys to manage stress successfully

*  Learn the 1-2-3 Exercise that puts YOU back in control!


For your attendance I will give each participant

CD: Stress-No-More 

CD: Achieve Your Goals 


Diane’s Downloadable Workbook on Reducing Stress 

+ Surprise Gift

To Sign-Up:  Email Diane at: